Saturday, February 14, 2009

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Hannah in typical toddler style celebrated 2 birthdays, one in Ohio and one in Indiana! The one in Ohio was very small and consisted only of cake and ice cream and opening gifts. The one in Indiana was a biggie...a surprise birthday party at Chucky Cheese! She had a wonderful time and was so very excited! I am sure she will be asking to go back again soon. Thank you everyone for being special to Hannah.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

snow days and birthday lunches

Makenna experienced snow for the first time! Last winter she had to stay in because we were trying to keep her healthy for surgery! She didn't really care for the snow at all!!!
Hannah has been asking to go to Red Lobster(s) for an entire year! Last year for her birthday, we told her she could go anywhere and she decided she liked the sign on the Red Lobster resturant so that is where we went! We surprised her after school today and took her there for lunch! She was very excited! She got her own salad and Hannah, Makenna and I shared the chicken linguini dinner. They brought her a scoop of ice cream with chocolate and whipped cream and a candle in it and she was beside herself! The look on her face when they sang to her was priceless! I told her to blow her candle out and she said " Mom, I have to make a wish first! I wish for a guitar" and blew her candle out!
We are having a few friends and family over tomorrow evening for birthday cake and then having a party in Indiana next week when we go over there.
Enjoy the pictures! I'll try to share more later!!

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