Friday, October 24, 2008

A baby boy!

I just wanted to post a picture of Jordan and Amy's baby Mason! I had asked for prayer a couple of days ago for them. These two have been through so much and I am so excited that God has blessed them with a beautiful baby boy! Mason Thomas is his name and I can't wait to hold him!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I have been tagged...

I was tagged for the first time and not sure I am ready to play games like this! I will give it a try though... 7 things about me..... this is difficult!

1. I am a Diet Coke-a-holic. I can go a whole day without it but by the next day I am shaking and "need" one really badly!

2. I am not sure if I am cheap or thrifty. I understand a man's hunting/gathering instinct. As I shop, I feel like I am hunting for the best bargin around. I get so excited when I can purchase something for 80% off! I'd have to say that 80% of the girls' clothes are ebay, consignment, and outlet!! Love, Love, Love a great's an obsession....can you tell?

3. My maiden name is the same as my married name...I know, so unsual. I always hated my last name (Farrell) growing up. I was in speech therapy until I was in 5th grade because I could not say my r's or l's. I looked so forward to someday changing my last name to Smith or something easy but no, the man of my dreams shared the same last name! I still get nervous if I have to say my last name!

4. I hate my girls leaving the house with their hair not done up and a nice outfit on. On Saturdays when I work and Scott has the girls, he struggles with fixing their hair...oh they look like little orphans all over again!!

5. I think my dream career would be a performer. I would secretly love to sing and dance on broadway!!

6. I am a saucy girl, I have to dunk everything in some sort of dip or sauce, drives Scott ( who is incredibly plain) crazy!

7. I hate to read, I know, isn't that terrible? I can read for 2 minutes and realize I keep reading the same line over and over. It just never sinks in!

OK, so now I am to tag 7 of my friends! Not sure I will find that many to tag but I will try.


Well, that's the best I can do.....5 people! I hate to be a bother and ask people I don't know!! Is that silly? I guess number 8 would be I am secretly a shy person! As you can also see, I can't figure how to insert a link in my blog to all my friends addresses! #9?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


bugs bugs bugs...

Well,after 4 doctor appts, it has been decided that there is some sort of mite in our house. The girls have had a few spots on them for about 6 weeks, they come and go, would itch, but didn't bother them too badly. When we went to Disney, Makenna had a horrible first night before we went in to the park and we ended up stopping at a Stat care place to have her looked at. The doctor there said it was bug bites but I knew that we had not been around bugs. They continued to get a few while at Disney but they did heal up a little bit. We had been home over a week and they were almost dried up when bingo, one morning Makenna woke up with 5 spots on her back. That was it, we were going to the doctor. He said he thought they were infected hair folicles that had staph in them. I questioned how Hannah could also have them but took the antibiotic and cream and headed home. Well, by that weekend, Makenna was covered and so was Hannah. We went back to the doctor and he said he didn't have a clue now and referred us to a dermitologist who said he didn't really know but thought they were mite bites. Something you cannot see. I have been to the laundry mat and washed everything the girls own, all bedding, we have bleached their room, beds, treated the cat for fleas and mites, flea bombed the house and still we have spots. Poor Makenna has close to 50 in all different stages of healing and Hannah's are almost dried up. Scott, Ryan, and I have not had the first spot...? Maybe they are chinese fleas? Thinking maybe it was the fleas, I put the cat out in the garage so the cold would kill the fleas if he had any. I had not seen any on him, but treated anyway. We started seeing a couple of fleas in the house then. When I called the vet, she said to bring the cat back in the house, the fleas were jumping on us since the cat wasn't in the house. So we brought the sacrifical cat back in so all his friends could party on him again and treated him again. It has been so frustrating to get this under control. We have had Pablo for at least 6 years and I have never seen a flea on him. Thank goodness we had our 12 month final post placement homestudy for Makenna so even though they are being eaten alive with fleas, they can't send her back to China!!
That has been the story around here. On a Hannah note, she fell off a barstool in the family room last Friday and hit her face hard. I almost took her to the emergency room because of brusing around the eye and temple. She also had some blood in her nostril which my fear was if she hit hard enough to get blood in her nose she may be hurt badly. I watched her like a hawk,and rocked her most of the afternoon. The doctor said if her nose looked like it was broken to take her to the ER but it is still as cute as ever. On Sunday however, out of the blue, blood started pouring out of that nostril. It was really weird, and quite almost as quickly as it started. She does have a huge shiner though! I will try to post pictures yet today. We have been busy with pictures and I had 2 uppercase living shows in the last couple of weeks. Things are never dull for sure!
If anyone has any ideas on our bug situation, please let me know!
Please say a prayer for my friends today that are having their first baby. Amy and Jordan have been though so much, losing a daughter, miscarriages, etc. They are at the hospital now waiting the arrival of Mason Thomas!! I can't wait to meet him!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who is following us?

Hi guys. I know you probably want an update on the goings on in our lives but no time right now! We have 7 photography orders to get sent to the lab tonight! Do me a favor and click the follow tab on the left side of the screen so we know who is following our blog! It is great fun to see who follows and some of you have blogs that I'd love to follow too!
On a very quick note. Miss Makenna is really talking up a storm! She is saying new words every day and I can understand alot of them! We were driving by the local Chinese resturant, Ming Hing, and she pointed and yelled "Ming Ming"! It was plain as day! We also got our hair cut last night. We cut quite a bit off of Makennas and bobbed it like Hannah's while it grows out. It looks so cute. I gave them a bath tonight then put mousse in their hair and dryed it with a round brush. They loved it!
On a side note, keep our friends Scott and Trish in your prayers. Trish lost her dad early this morning. He was a Christian and is in a much better place but will missed terribly.
That's all for now!!