Sunday, April 27, 2008

angel girls

We have a client tomorrow afternoon and Scott was setting up his lights and checking his settings on his camera. We had 2 willing little models more than willing to have their picture taken tonight...a rare thing! We are learning as we go, but I have to say that I think these are as good as any picture we have had taken of the girls! Scott captured them beautifully tonight!

Click to play more of the girls! sorry!
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Friday, April 25, 2008

spring pictures

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Just wanted to post some pictures from this week. The girls are having a blast being outside. Makenna is a dirt magnet! She can go outside and within 2 minutes either be playing in the dirt or eating it! The other night we were pulling weeds and there was a big earth worm and I put it in her hand and of course she was going to eat it! Oh, that girl! Scott took them outside last night and within a minute she was covered in sidewalk chalk! I think it will be a 2 bath a day summer!
We'll post more pictures soon!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Yes, that has been my life this week....poop! Tonight, Friday, is the first time all week that I have been by myself at home and the silence is WONDERFUL!! I have been wanting to blog about our week but there just hasn't been enough time in the day. So, on with the poop.....
Our first story starts out last Sunday...
Hannah often times has to go "potty" right before we leave church to go to lunch. Most of the time I take her and she tries but no success. Often it takes 2 or 3 dry runs to finally have the magic appear! I was not going to take her on Sunday because it was the first run and she never goes but there were people standing around us that heard her announce to the entire lobby that she had to go poop so I took her so there would be no calls to children services, although looking back the vacation this week would have been great! Anyway I took her in the big handicap stall so that we had plenty of room and I sat her on the potty. Now, everyone knows a room made out of ceramic tile tends to echo like the grand canyon and Hannah proved that theory at that moment. Here is the conversation, mind you she is using her outside voice:

Hannah: "Does is smell like poop in here mom?"
Me: "No Hannah", she had not done the dirty deed yet, "please be quiet and concentrate on doing your business."
Hannah: After doing her business, "It smells like poop now huh mom"?
Me: "Hannah, please do not announce to the county you just pooped!"
Hannah: She sniffs a couple of big breaths and says, "I can't even smell you any more mom, all I smell is this poop!"
Hannah: "Tell me good job Hannah Mei"

Hannah tells me what to tell her all the time. She has these little conversations in her head that she wants to have and she will fill me in on the script as we go! She is so funny and I can't imagine life without her! She truely brightens my day every day.

Poop #2
Thursday after nap time I could hear Makenna on the monitor that she was up moving around so I headed up to get her. Hannah had just come down from her nap and Tyler (my 10 month old nephew) was now awake also. As I rounded the corner to head up the steps I noticed a very foul odor coming for the upstairs and I knew I was going to have a bad diaper to change. I only wished it were that simple! I walked in her room and there she is just playing away will poop everywhere! She had it up her arms, in between her fingers, on her legs, feet, all over the outside of her was bad! I was so startled I yelled at her to stop because she was walking around and squishing it into the carpet and she signed that she was dirty right away! If you don't know the sign for dirty, you put your back of your hand under your chin and wiggle your fingers. I did not want her hands anywhere near her face and yelled at her to stop. When she gets yelled at her coping mechanism is to put her hands in her mouth...yes she did...and I was about to get sick. I got the wipes and laid her on a towel to clean her up. I scrubbed and scrubbed but it was not coming off very well! I eventually picked her naked little body up under the arms and carried her downstairs and plopped her into a tub of hot water. I put lots of mr bubble in the bath because we needed all the help we could get! I then proceeded to have to scrub the carpet and go through to find all the toys she had been playing with. How does a child do this much damage in 10 minutes?! There was no poop in her bed so I know it happened after she woke up!
And then the thought flutters through my mind....Ryan graduates in 6 weeks....we could have been done.....we could have been free.....what was God thinking?! I am so thankful that those times are few and far between. For the most part Makenna is a very happy girl. I must say today though she was a terror. She pitched more fits today than ever..she wanted to be outside playing and only outside playing! The little girl that 2 weeks ago refused to walk on grass was running barefoot through the yard, digging in the dirt, picking flowers,and swinging on her swingset! What a difference in these little girls' lives! We are so blessed to be able to play a part in raising them into the Christian women that God has called them to bed. I just hope I live long enough to see it!! People often tell us that the girls will keep us response is, either keep us young or kill us one!
I hope I wasn't too graphic in my poop stories but this journal is a journal for the girls when they are older to go back and read about their childhood. I had to include these 2 stories!
God Bless

Makenna's first official pictures!

We finally got Makenna's pictures taken! I wanted her to wear the same little white dress that Hannah did for her first pictures. We made it in the nic of time!! The dress was snug! She is such a ham, loves to have her picture taken!

Scott's Website

Scott has an official website for his photography business! He are in the process of getting it set up and pictures uploaded. He is anxious to get busy taking pictures and he is offering great deals (almost free) in the next couple of months just to get his name out. If you know anyone in the area that is in need of a economical photographer let us know!! He is doing pictures in exchange for publicity!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

first semi-pro photo shoot!

Here is a couple of pictures from our first client! Miss Sophie Renee was a wonderful test subject. She was wide eyed and did just want we asked her to do! She didn't fuss one time! She is adorable! She was about 10 days old here. Thanks Tim and Chrissy for the opportunity to do these for you!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Difficult day for Hannah

Well, yesterday was a hard day for Miss Hannah. She had her 3 year old physical and that included one shot. She had also gotten a splinter in her foot that we could not get out so Dr. Burke got that out too. She was very upset by the time we left!! The fun part of the appointment was that she got to pee in a cup!! How exciting is that! She has since asked if she can pee in the cup again! Oh my. Anyway, she weighed 31 pounds and was 36 inches tall. She is in the 20 percentile for height and 50 percentile for weight. He said she was doing great. He did confirm something that I had been suspecting. Hannah has been asking "what did you say" alot and I think her speech has gotten harder to understand in the last couple of months. She is also talking VERY loudly. He said that she did have fluid in one of her ears, no infection, just fluid. He recommends we take her to the ENT here in town and have her evaluated and possible ear tubes. Neither one of the boys needed tubes and Makenna does for sure and possibly Hannah too!
Last night Hannah's leg was hurting so badly she couldn't walk and cried, I am sure not having a nap helped with her mood. Daddy was going to take the girls for a wagon ride but Hannah didn't want to go. I think the bumping around would have been too much for her so she and mommy sat in the rocking chair and rocked and rocked and talked about life! It was such a neat time. I love when I get to spend one on one time with the girls. Hannah really is the sweetest little girl. We are so blessed!
I will get pictures from Easter posted soon. Can you believe I have not even downloaded them off the camara yet?! Oh my, I have been busy!

ps. I heard Hannah upstairs fussing. Usually she just comes downstairs in the morning so I went up to her room. She was laying there so pathetic, saying she couldn't walk on her leg again and needed to be carried downstairs! I carried her down and stood her in the family room to which she was saying her leg didn't work still. I told her to try it out first and I'd be right there if she needed me to pick her up. Well, to her amazement she was able to walk! The look on her face was of awe that she could actually walk today! Too priceless!