Thursday, January 31, 2008

Makenna's dinner

I warmed up left over roast and mashed potatoes and gravey, corn, carrots, and rolls for supper tonight. I sat Makenna's plate down on her high chair and walked back into the kitchen for a minute and what I found when I came back in was so cute! This child enjoys her food so much! I think she has vowed to never be hungry again! She just laughed and punched the food in all through supper. I got the camara and snapped some pictures of her then put the camara down to eat my supper. She grunted and pointed to the camara sitting on the table...she wanted her picture taken again! How on earth are we going to keep all solid food away from her for 11 days? I can't imagine after she has surgery to not be able to feed her solids that long. I need to work on pureeing suppers for her! Bless her little heart! Today she tried to say Uh Oh. I guess we can add that to her other 3 words, Hi, Hot, and Ma! She signed for milk the other day and signed thank you to Scott this weekend. She has grown very attached to me and cried when Scott tried to put her to bed tonight. I went over and held her for a minute and layed her down and she went right to s leep! Snot!
Hannah is doing well. She told Scott's parents and sister that Makenna did not COOPERATE at the doctors! She told me the other day that something was NECESSARY. She is such a sweet little girl. I feel so blessed to have her for a daughter. I tell her often I am so glad that God picked her to be my very first daugther! We have told her that she is getting rid of her plugs (pacifiers) on her birthday. We told her that she can either give them to our friends that are expecting or box them up and mail them to China for the boys and girls there that don't have any plugs! She saw a commercial on the other day and a baby was crying, I think it was a diaper rash commercial. She asked why the baby was crying and I told her because they have diaper rash and she told me, "no, they don't have a mommy and daddy and they are very sad". She understands so much more than an almost 3 year old should. If I did homeschool her, I don't know that I'd make it past 2nd grade with her!!
Well, that is all I can think of for now to report on! God Bless

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hannah's 3rd birthday party

We celebrated Hannah's third birthday while we were visiting Scott's family in Indy this past weekend. Hannah has talked of wanting a pinata since way before Christmas. She even showed them to Grandma and Grandpa when they were here with her while we were in China! I don't know that she had a clue what you were to do with the pinata or what came out but she knew for a fact that she wanted one!! Grandma and Grandpa surprised her with a Dora pinata filled with yummy candy. She got up on Saturday morning and all she could talk about was her party that day. She took her bath and kept saying she had to get downstairs for her cake! When she finally saw her cake on the table, her finger went right into the icing....3 times....! The family sang a "practice" Happy birthday song to her before we ate our lunch and she took her fork and stuck it in the cake! The girl really wanted her cake! She had her choice of her Minnie Mouse outfit or her panda outfit but she wanted to be minnie mouse for her birthday. Her shoes were so slippery that she actually fell on her caboose swinging the stick at Dora!
We had a great time visiting with Aunts, Uncles, lots of cousins, grandma and grandpa, and even travel mates from China! Now on to party number 2...the Ohio party....

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shriners update

We are done with our evaluation at Chicago. We were there at 8 this morning and left the building at 4ish! It was a long day for sure but we were so impressed with the team. The biggest surprise is that Makenna has moderate, not mild but not severe, hearing loss. The audiologist asked me how her hearing was and I said it was good. She did a pressure test and said, nope, she has hearing loss! I was so surprised. They said it would be like you are underwater and hear someone speaking to you, it is all muffled. I guess that would explain why she doesn't listen very well to me!
We are on the official schedule for March 6 but she is on the top of the list to call for any cancellations they have. We are very anxious to get the tubes in her ears. We even considered having a doctor put them in back in Ohio but decided since we were on the list to call early, we'd wait so she didn't need to go under general twice. They actually had a cancellation tomorrow that they offered to us but then changed their minds since they don't do palate surgeries on Fridays...bummer! We are staying with Scott's family through Saturday and told them to call my cell phone if it looked like we could come back on Monday. I'll keep you posted!!

Chicago Shriners

Hi all, I know it has been a while since I have posted and I promise to get caught up soon! I just wanted to post that we are in Chicago tonight and Makenna has her evaluation tomorrow morning at Shriners starting at 8 AM.
We finally made it to the hotel a littel before 10 and took the girls out for a walk around the lobby because our room was about 60 degrees! We turned the heat up and left waiting for the room to heat up. We stopped by the pool and the girls wanted to get in so bad! We took their shoes and socks and sweats off and let them sit on the side and splash. They had a great time. Of course Hannah "accidently" got her shirt wet and pullups wet thinking we'd let her just strip down and go swimming!
They are both sound asleep and I am headed that direction. I'll post all about our visit later tomorrow evening. We are praying that they ask us to come back Monday for surgery, please pray for that for us!