Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 years later.....

I am officially back as a blogger. It has been so much easier to just post to facebook but the reason I created this blog was so the girls have a journal of their life. They now have lost 2 years! I am not promising to post every day but will try to post weekly! Since I have last blogged, Scott has lost his job, got a new job, we lost our house, we moved, TJ has gotten out of the Marine Corp, Ryan did missions in Thailand, Hannah graduated kdg, Makenna had surgery, and I have gone back to work full time! We stay very busy to say the least! God has been so faithful through the last 2 years! We are very blessed. I will try and go back and post some pictures and stories from the last couple of years best that I can so the girls can see that they did exist!!
I am off to bed for the evening, been up since 3:15 and worked all day! I will be thinking more clearly tomorrow!

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