Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's try to get caught up!

Wow, where has the time gone?! Things here at the Ferrell house have been busy to say the least. We have had everything from Ryan wrecking Scotts wonderful truck (totaling it) to Makenna finally making a few words, to me, Tina, beginning yet another business, and then there is just life!
We are so grateful for God's grace with Ryan. He totaled Scott's truck a few weeks ago and walked away without a scratch. That makes 2 vehicles in 6 months that he has wrecked and totaled and walked away from both without any injuries to himself or any other vehicle being involved. Keep Ryan in prayer as he is seaching for God's plan in his life. He is just not sure which direction he wants to go in.
And then there is Makenna! All those weeks of speech and she refused to say a word! In a rare twist of events, her original speech therapist was pregnant and took maternaty leave but her replacement was also pregnant! The plan was for Leann to be back from leave before the second one had her baby but as fate would have it, baby number 2 was born early! We have not been to speech in about 3 weeks and in that time she has added 4 or 5 words to her vocabulary!! Go figure! She FINALLY says Daddy! When she is upstairs crying at bedtime or in the night she will cry out "mama" and pause, then "dada", then pause, the "ryan"! Too cute. The only other name she will say is cousin Tyler and she says "I" ler. We go to speech tomorrow morning for therapist number 3. I have already decided that since she did't like #2 and struggled with her that if she doesn't do well tomorrow, we will just wait another 4 or 5 weeks for LeAnn to be back from maternaty leave.
On the Hannah front, she is getting excited for school. I have been busy Ebaying getting her adorable outfits for school. Like always, she will have way too many clothes but if you can get them for cheap why not!! We will have to go shoe shopping and she needs a special first bookbag yet. We did stop in her preschool to drop off paperwork last week and she was very excited to see her classroom. Of course everything was still packed up and nothing decorated but she was still excited. The lady giving us the mini tour commented on how talkative she we didn't know that!
I finally had a Saturday off last weekend and we decided to take the girls to a large petting zoo down in amish country. Hannah was terrified of all the animals! Makenna was not afraid of anything except when the goats mobbed her! We have video of Hannah looking into the bird cage full of parakeets saying,"Hi, my name is Hannah. Would you like to say hello to me?" Too cute! After seeing the monkeys, alligators, baby deer, goats, donkeys, ducks and chickens everywhere, bunnies, baby ducks, porqupines, sheep, and who knows what else, we boarded a wagon pulled by 2 big work horses for the big tour. We saw ostriches, emus, water buffalo, many different kinds of deer, elams, yak, zebra, brauma bull, long horned steers, camels, pot bellied pigs, and more I am sure I am forgetting! We got buckets of feed to feed the animals from the wagon. The girls enjoyed it, well Hannah really enjoyed it, Makenna was ready for a nap! Hannah was all brave from the comforts of the wagon and kept asking the guy if we could get out now to pet the buffalo! I will try to post some pictures from the day. Those poor baby ducks...they were in a pen that you could just pick them up. Picture the whole day, kid after kid picking you up, getting scared, then dropping you back into your pen!
Not much else to report. Scott tried to quit the photography business but everytime he did, someone else called to schedule and I took the booking! He has now purchased a new camara and we are gearing up to get busy again! I have started selling uppercase living. I love this product! I am so anxious to use all my free product coming but we have so many rooms in our house that need painted I need to hold off until I decide on paint colors and get it painted before I can order! Until then, I just gather ideas! You can check out my website at .
I will try to borrow Ryan's laptop tonight that has the pictures from the petting farm on and upload a slide show tonight.
God Bless


Gary said...

Were there no elephants to throw bananas at? Bummer.

Gary said...

Oh, and what camera did Scott get? Did he go with the Canon 40?