Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shriners update

We are done with our evaluation at Chicago. We were there at 8 this morning and left the building at 4ish! It was a long day for sure but we were so impressed with the team. The biggest surprise is that Makenna has moderate, not mild but not severe, hearing loss. The audiologist asked me how her hearing was and I said it was good. She did a pressure test and said, nope, she has hearing loss! I was so surprised. They said it would be like you are underwater and hear someone speaking to you, it is all muffled. I guess that would explain why she doesn't listen very well to me!
We are on the official schedule for March 6 but she is on the top of the list to call for any cancellations they have. We are very anxious to get the tubes in her ears. We even considered having a doctor put them in back in Ohio but decided since we were on the list to call early, we'd wait so she didn't need to go under general twice. They actually had a cancellation tomorrow that they offered to us but then changed their minds since they don't do palate surgeries on Fridays...bummer! We are staying with Scott's family through Saturday and told them to call my cell phone if it looked like we could come back on Monday. I'll keep you posted!!

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The Ski's said...

Thinking of you all. I am glad that you were happy with the team there. That makes such a huge difference. Prayers for you all for safe travels back home. So glad that you are on the calendar for surgery. Reid is scheduled for May 27 at this point. Lots happening in these little lives. Prayers for you all!