Thursday, January 31, 2008

Makenna's dinner

I warmed up left over roast and mashed potatoes and gravey, corn, carrots, and rolls for supper tonight. I sat Makenna's plate down on her high chair and walked back into the kitchen for a minute and what I found when I came back in was so cute! This child enjoys her food so much! I think she has vowed to never be hungry again! She just laughed and punched the food in all through supper. I got the camara and snapped some pictures of her then put the camara down to eat my supper. She grunted and pointed to the camara sitting on the table...she wanted her picture taken again! How on earth are we going to keep all solid food away from her for 11 days? I can't imagine after she has surgery to not be able to feed her solids that long. I need to work on pureeing suppers for her! Bless her little heart! Today she tried to say Uh Oh. I guess we can add that to her other 3 words, Hi, Hot, and Ma! She signed for milk the other day and signed thank you to Scott this weekend. She has grown very attached to me and cried when Scott tried to put her to bed tonight. I went over and held her for a minute and layed her down and she went right to s leep! Snot!
Hannah is doing well. She told Scott's parents and sister that Makenna did not COOPERATE at the doctors! She told me the other day that something was NECESSARY. She is such a sweet little girl. I feel so blessed to have her for a daughter. I tell her often I am so glad that God picked her to be my very first daugther! We have told her that she is getting rid of her plugs (pacifiers) on her birthday. We told her that she can either give them to our friends that are expecting or box them up and mail them to China for the boys and girls there that don't have any plugs! She saw a commercial on the other day and a baby was crying, I think it was a diaper rash commercial. She asked why the baby was crying and I told her because they have diaper rash and she told me, "no, they don't have a mommy and daddy and they are very sad". She understands so much more than an almost 3 year old should. If I did homeschool her, I don't know that I'd make it past 2nd grade with her!!
Well, that is all I can think of for now to report on! God Bless

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