Thursday, February 28, 2008

makenna cleans!

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Makenna was cleaning last night. She saw the broom and dustpan out so she took it upon herself to sweep the kitchen floor! She knew just want to do too, swept the dirt in the dustpan then dumped it in the trash! Too cute. The first picture is of her watching Ryan drive out of the driveway. She loves to stand at the dining room window and watch people leave (actually she first cries because she wants to go with them but then decides it is at least better to watch them drive away)! The last picture is of the girls a couple of mornings ago. They had dumped out all their toys and Hannah was sitting in one of the bins. Makenna insisted on sitting in the small bin with her! They had just gotten out of the tub so their hair wasn't combed yet and they weren't even completely dressed yet!

Things are going OK here. We leave this Tuesday for Chicago Shriners. I have been kind of worried about Makenna as she has been sick. She was on albuterol last week but has not had any the past 2 days. I just hope she is healthy enough for surgery. I am going to take her to Dr. Burke on Monday or Tuesday morning before we leave for Chicago just to make sure he thinks she is well enough. I don't want to drive over there for nothing! Well, I better go, I hear Makenna in the monitor yelling for me. MA! MA! is what I hear, too funny. She has been trying to say Ryan too. It usually comes out IIIa but it is the sound she makes when she sees him so that is what we are thinking!

Here are a couple of pics from breakfast this morning. Makenna had pancakes with fresh blueberries and strawberries with some powdered sugar on them and then a side of banana! She enjoyed it very much as you can tell!
Hannah chose a bowl of cereal with strawberries and blueberries in it. They are too cute for words sometimes!

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