Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hannah's Ohio Birthday

We had Hannah's Ohio birthday party tonight! She was so excited all day long. She had received a beautiful princess dress last year for her birthday and it was just too big so I had put it away. When she said she wanted a princess party, I thought what better time to get it out than now. She didn't remember the dress and I wouldn't show it to her until right before her party! She was so excited. We took a bath and I dried her hair then curled it. We went upstairs and I showed her the dress and she was so happy! As she went down the stairs in her ball gown I remembered thinking that when we looked that this house I told Scott we needed to have a girl to walk down those steps in a prom dress! I sure never thought that we'd ever have a girl but Hannah looked so adorable, like she was going to prom! She waited for her guests to arrive and practiced singing happy birthday to herself several times! She practiced blowing out the candles and testing every party blower to make sure it worked. We ate supper then of course she wanted the coveted cake! She is excited about presents too but my does she want that cake! She managed to blow out the candles in 2 tries (as windy as she is I don't know why it took two tries) and didn't even catch that dress on fire! She opened her birthday card that came in the mail today from Grandpa Jim and it had 10 dollars in it! She was soooooo happy and shouted, I love dollars I love dollars and kissed it!! Oh my, we are in trouble. It was a wonderful evening. She is thrilled with her birthday bashes and I am sure scheming for next year!

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