Friday, April 18, 2008

Scott's Website

Scott has an official website for his photography business! He are in the process of getting it set up and pictures uploaded. He is anxious to get busy taking pictures and he is offering great deals (almost free) in the next couple of months just to get his name out. If you know anyone in the area that is in need of a economical photographer let us know!! He is doing pictures in exchange for publicity!

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The Ski's said...

Ok...I may need to talk to you. We have not gotten Reid's pictures taken professionally yet. We are planning on doing so for his 6 month b-day. I want to take pics with the NAM out...which takes some doing to get him ready. Is he interested in taking kids pictures???? Where does he take his pictures??? Would he want a challenge with 6 month old Reid? I am thinking the beginning of May. Would he be interested???? We would be! No hard feelings if not!!!! Between the spit up and the NAM....I would definitely bring lots of changes of clothes in case we need them!!!! Let me know via e mail your thoughts...or call me! Seriously! And...I will comment on the poop story later. I can relate!!!! More on that later! Take care!