Tuesday, December 18, 2007

4 weeks with Makenna Grace

We received Makenna Grace Bao Xian 4 weeks ago this past Sunday. I have been thinking alot over the last 2 days how her life has changed. She came to us smiling, and ready to play! Scott picked her up first in the conference room and she immediently started smiling. She wanted the cap to her bottle and began throwing it making daddy go fetch it. You can hear in the video that Scott was taking of the babies in the orphanage the cap falling a couple of times. You can also see Makennas hand come down over the lens of the camara as he held her and video taped the baby rooms! She came to either one of us willingly and didn't seem to have a favorite. I am sure her thoughts were these 2 nannys are the best I ever had! I am still not sure that she understands the consept of mommy and daddy but she knows that we are the ones that take care of her and love on her. She will let others hold her sometimes for a minute or so but always wants to come back to mommy and daddy. She knows that daddy plays more and usually has a snack for her! She gets so excited when Scott gets home from work. Both of the girls do. The last few mornings, Hannah has wanted to call Scott at work to tell him good morning.
This morning as I gave the girls their bath, I couldn't help but notice the change in Makenna. When we got her she was so frail, skin and bones with very little muscle. She couldn't walk, couldn't crawl, couldn't set up from a laying position. Today, she walks everywhere, crawls (GI and traditional), and is even going up steps. She is such a happy baby. Her temper tantrums that she was so fond of pitching are very few. She is doing much better with Hannah, not hitting her as much and giving her hugs. Hannah loves her little sister. She told me today that she has a cleft palate just like Makenna! She even opened her mouth to show me!
We have been amazed at how well Makenna's transition has gone. She is allowing us to cut her back on her food finally. This girl eats at least half again what Hannah eats! I am posting 2 pictures, one of her in the tub the day after we received her and one from this morning. What a change!!
We are so blessed to have these two girls in our family. They are truely gifts from God!!

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