Friday, December 14, 2007

The things kids say and do

One thing we have found out about Makenna is she needs 12 hours of sleep at night! Which sounds wonderful until you have something to do or visitors the night before and she doesn't get to bed until 10 or so! It is almost lunch time before she ever gets up! I have been going up and waking her up in the mornings. Night before she only slept for 10 hours and then she took a 3 hour nap! She rarely takes a nap longer than an hour when she gets a good night sleep. This morning I told Hannah that it was time to go wake Makenna up and she was so excited. This is coming from the little girl that asked yesterday if Makenna could go back to China! More on that later.... We went upstairs and went in the room. Hannah ran in and gently yelled "good morning Makenna" to which a startled eyed little girl woke up in a fog! Hannah wanted in the crib with her and gave her the biggest hug. She told Makenna "I love your eyelashes and your cleft palate"! Too cute for words. Oh did I mention that this morning after Makenna morning bottle, she had peed through her PJ's so I decide to strip her down and put her straight in the bath. I left for for 2 minutes to run the bath water and come right back out to get her. In that short amount of time she had proceeded to poop on the floor and was holding the prized marbles with a big grin on her face when I came through the gate! GROSS! Anyway, about yesterday... Yesterday was the first day that I started watching my nephew Tyler who is 6 months old and at least 20 pounds! He is a very sweet baby and I enjoy having him. Well, he is HANNAH'S Tyler Michael and no one elses, even his mom has to fight some evenings to take him home. Heaven forbid anyone come over to visit and even look at him, they will get yelled at by Hannah that he is HER Tyler Michael. Well, as you can guess where this is going as soon as Makenna looked at Tyler Hannah went into a jealous rage. She was pushing Makenna away and hitting her to get away. She said that Tyler was only hers and not Makenna's cousin. On top of it all, Makenna decided that Tyler was a huge threat to her and was very naughty with him. I could not leave the room because I couldn't trust her. She pulled his hair, pinched his belly, tried to sit on him.... It was quite the battle. When I was sitting on the floor giving Tyler his bottle she kept trying to pull him off my lap. Oh my, what a day. I went through almost a whole 2 liter of Diet Coke yesterday, thank goodness my wonderful husband splurged and bought me some! I could not have made it through the day without it! On top of it all I even got a very good supper fixed that included 2 veggies, chicken breast, rolls, and even dessert! (Scott made the brownies after supper) My step dad came in to meet Makenna for dinner. We looked at pictures and watched video of our trip and had a very nice visit. After he left and the kids were in bed, I finally got the suitcase from Indiana unpacked and put away and the last suitcase from China! It just had stuff in it that we don't use or summery clothes that we obviously don't need this time of year in it and I had just put off cleaning it out.
On an exciting note, TJ gets home one week from yesterday! We are so excited to see him. I know Hannah has been talking about seeing TJ. She will not speak to him on the phone but will talk to him on the webcam. The other day she was refusing to talk to him on the phone and he told her that if she didn't talk to him he was not buying her a Christmas present. So, she agreed, took the phone, said Hello, and handed the phone back to me! Oh, she is a smart one!
We are headed to Ryan's basketball game tonight. It will be my first game of the year. We were in China for his first couple of games, then there was 2 at least an hour away, to far to take the girls, and last weekend we were on our way to Indiana. I am looking forward to watching him play. I know he is excited to show Makenna off to his friends. I'll post a few pics from the last couple of days then post some of Ryans game (if we are able to manage 2 toddlers and a camara)

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