Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas at the Cabin 2007

We had our second annual Christmas at the cabin this past weekend. We had a wonderful time. The girls enjoyed themselves too! Hannah told me when we were going to bed Saturday night that she was sooo happy that she had lots of cousins!! Pretty cute. Makenna did pretty well for only being home from China 10 days and then being uprooted again. She is pretty easy going and just goes with the flow. As long as she sees mommy or daddy she is fine. She started pulling herself up to furniture this weekend and walking. She has come so far in the 3 weeks that we have had her. We had fun with the gift game. Scott ended up with a nice home made fleece Colts blanket and I ended up with a CD clock radio. We needed a clock in the girls room and I play a Cd at night while they sleep so it will be perfect! We had lots of food, too much, but it was good. I went 30 some hours with no Diet Coke so those of you that know me, knows what a struggle that was!
Hannah's favorite thing I think was decorating cookies!! She would dip the paint brush in the icing then lick it off. She ate sprinkles right out of the can, good thing grandma was helping her and not mommy!! Oh the benefits of being a grandparent....!
Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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