Friday, December 28, 2007

Healthy girl!

We went to the doctor today because of another pesky sinus infection. He started her on antibiotics again. They weighed her and she was up to 23.6 pounds, that makes 2.2 pounds just since we have been home, less than a month! We also had blood drawn while we were there and her lab values are all pretty much normal now! Her phospherous was still a little elevated but he said we will wait for a month or two and retest her again. If they are still high, he will refer us to a specialist. He is very pleased with her progress. She is now walking everywhere and into everything. She says Hi, kinda like a big breath of air that comes out and she waves and smiles at the same time. She is signing eat, more, bed, and of course no!
Hannah continues to do well with Makenna as well. She loves being a big sister and loves her sometimes until she pulls her over or knocks her down!
TJ is having a great visit home and we sure enjoy him being home. Hannah is glued to him and Makenna has gone to him like she has known him forever. I don't think he will be ready to go back Tuesday, and we won't be ready to send him off either.
Ryan has basketball games tonight and tomorrow. He was listed in the paper as being in the top 10 boys in the county for field goal percentage. We are very proud of him for that. He does love his basketball!! He took Hannah downstairs with him last night to sleep with him! She loves her big brothers!
That's it for now. We are going to take pictures at Ryans game tonight so we can post those tomorrow. I have to work tomorrow, back on my Saturday shift. I hate being gone every Saturday when Scott is home from work and Ryan home from school that day but for now, it is what is needed.

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