Friday, May 23, 2008

busy week and busy weekend!

I just thought I'd write a bit about our week. We have had a much better week than I thought we would with Makenna being in arm splints and eating pureed food! She has been such a trouper through this whole ordeal. She eats whatever you feed her. Her fits have gone down in number in the last couple of days. She does get angry if we are at the supper table and I take a bite off my plate instead of just feeding her! She does not mind the splints being on still. She does love to take them off though and she just smiles a huge smile and moves her arms around. I usually scratch her arms for her and she loves it! For the most part, she has not really tried to put things in her mouth. I did catch her putting her num num (blankie) in her mouth yesterday but we got it out right away. Last night she finally slept most of the night. The 3 nights before, she was up almost every hour crying. I'd have to go upstairs and pick her up for 30 seconds then lay her back down and she'd go back to sleep for an hour then wake back up! I don't know if her arm hurt from the splints or she was just afraid and needed to see me. Hannah has decided that she wants to sleep with Makenna in their room and not in TJ's bed again! She changes her opinion on where she sleeps every week or so! We went through a period of 2 weeks where every night she would come down and get in bed with us so I made her a pallet on the floor with sheet, blanket and pillow. I told her if she woke up she was not to wake up mommy, just lay down on the floor and go back to sleep. Of course being the good mom I am, I can hear the pitter patter of her little feet hitting the floor upstairs and her clumping down the steps! She told me the one morning that sleeping on the floor was not very comfortable! I told her to stay in hr own bed then! She has slept all night in her bed the last 3 nights. We have had a big celebration in the mornings when she sleeps all night upstairs!
TJ is coming home tonight. Hannah is very excited about him coming home again! She said yesterday morning she wanted to talk to TJ so we called his cell. I knew he'd be at work but she left a long message for him. He called back right as I was being poked for some bloodwork. That was a fun time...bloodwork..... I had both the girls with me and went in the hospital. I had put Makenna in her stroller to contain her. When they finally called me back she was done sitting in the stroller and wanted out. She was fussing (actually pitching a spicey girl fit), Hannah was asking the phlibomist a million questions like, 'are you going to hurt my mom, is she going to cry, can i hold her hand so she is brave, does she have to pee in a cup when you are done, she needs a bandaid, can i have a bandaid'. That is just a sampling of the questions she asked in the 5 minute window!! During the Makenna fit, the Hannah questions, and my being poked, TJ is calling! After the tech was done with my blood Hannah asked her what she was going to do with it now and she said "label her tubes". Hannah pipes up and says, my baby sister Makenna has tubes but the doctor said I didn't need tubes, meaning tubes in their ears!!! Oh this girl is too smart!
Ryan is still in Nicaragua. He will be home late Sunday night. From the email updates we have been getting, they are having a great time. They have been working in the orphanage, doing VBS, and general repair and clean up duties. It sounds like they are having a blast! I am glad that he finally got the funds together so he could go on this senior trip.
Last night a reporter came to the house to interview Scott for a Fathers Day story they are doing on dads that have adopted. Scott had written an article entitled "The Reluctant Father" so he also gave that to her. I am anxious to read what they write about him. He is a great dad and he loves his girls so much. It is much different than his relationship with the boys, he said as much as he loved the boys, girls are different! They have him wrapped around thier fingers! Maybe I'll scan the article and post it here when it prints. They want a picture of Scott and the girls for the article. I am very excited that they chose hime for the article! He has alot to say even though he doesn't say much.
Well, that is about it for today. Got to scrub floors and finish cleaning for company this weekend! I have told Scott that I need a wife!
Oh yes, I wanted to meantion, our church is so wonderful. They have been bringing meals in every night this week for us since Makenna had surgery. I feel guilty for accepting them since she is doing so well, but I got to say Scott and I were trying to decide who was going to break what next week for more meals!! First time in a long time that "I" have had a hot meal on the table for Scott when he got home! We have tator tot casserole, pulled pork sandwiches, 2 batches of home made applesauce, lemon pie, cheese cake, brownies, lazagna, ham....on and on!!!
Well, I promise I am signing off now!
God Bless!

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The Ski's said...

Ok......I am mad at you now! : ) We didn't get to have Hannah!!! You could have called me on "blood day". I would have been happy to have helped! Use me next time! I am thrilled that things are going so well!!!! Have a joyous weekend with family, know that we are still thinking of you all, and blessings for a great graduation day! Much love!