Monday, May 26, 2008

Please pray for Reid

I just wanted to ask my cyber friends to pray for little Reid today. He is having surgery to close his cleft lip. He is an adorable little guy with the most beautiful blue eyes! He will be a lady killer some day!! I know his family would appreciate the prayer support.
Scott and I had the opportunity to do Reids first photoshoot a few weeks ago! What a cutie pie! I'll post a picture so all the world can see.
Thank you in advance and I'll post an update soon.
God Bless

OK, so I couldn't decide on just one picture!!

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The Ski's said...

You are wonderful. Thank you for the prayers, support, encouragement, love, help, advice, listening ears, and on and on it goes! I will call you if I need Ellie help for sure...don't you worry! But regardless of that, you are welcome to see Reid. Monday won't work because he will be getting his sutures out and we will be at Rainbow for a good amount of the day. Other than that, we can work something out! Again, thanks so much! I will be in touch!