Sunday, May 18, 2008

pictures from Chicago Shriners

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Just thought I'd update you all as to how Makenna is doing. I guess in one word, GREAT! We are so blessed that she has come through this surgery so well. Our biggest problem is that she is two years old...she wants to do it herself! She doesn't want mommy to feed her, she wants to do it! She has not had any pain meds since Friday evening which is amazing to me. She is a tough cookie for sure! Scott was laughing that Makenna could rip her arm off and might be down for a few minutes but then get up and start playing again...Hannah on the other hand, the drama queen of the east, would be down for the count for days and weeks! She insists on bandaids for old wounds that you barely see the scratch! Of course at grandma and grandpa's last week, grandma would let her pick out however many bandaids she needed after her bath and put them on! The special things you get to do at grandma and grandpas! She has been a little pill since we returned home, after all, she is not the center of attention any more! I look for today to go better.
Makenna after not sleeping much since we had left Tuesday night, went up to her bed Saturday night when we got home and wanted to be put in bed. She grabbed her num num's (blankies) and rolled over on her side and was asleep within the minute! She woke up once and I went up and held her for a minute and laid her back down where she slept the rest of the night! She is so excited about being home. She is doing great with her arm splints. When they fall off or she takes them off, she will bring them to me to put back on! We take them off 3 or 4 times a day so she can rest her arms and watch her closely. So far, she has only tried to put her finger in her mouth once. I have a hard time getting fluids in her, she doesn't care for the syringe for fluids and I don't care for the mess of her drinking out of a regular cup!
As you can see from the pictures, we have no post surgery pictures. We had our camara with us the whole time but it was such a crazy time with her that we didn't even snap one picture! I wished we would have had one or two but that's OK. I don't think she'd want to remember that ordeal anyway. If anyone is thinking of appling to Shriners for their surgery, I recommend it! The freedom the doctors have to practice medicine as they see fit with no insurance to deal with! They told us Friday that we could go home but if we wanted to stay another day, that was fine with them! Most hospitals kick you out 10 minutes after surgery!
Thank you so much for the emails of support also. We have been so blessed!

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The Ski's said...

So glad all is continuing to go so well. I can soooo relate to Hannah and the bandaids or the drama. Ellie will sob over a hangnail from 3 weeks ago that is not an issue anymore...but she makes it one. Ahhhh..oldest child syndrome???? Maybe. Glad to hear the Makenna is such a trooper. I hope Reid comes through as she has! Blessings!