Tuesday, May 27, 2008

our fun weekend

We had a great, busy, but great weekend! I wanted to get pictures of all 4 kids but it just didn't work out. Ryan didn't get in until about 1 AM Sunday night, Monday morning, and TJ was in and out all weekend. I think TJ had a nice relaxing weekend. He got to go to many graduation parties and get caught up with friends. He slept downstairs in his old room, Ryan's room now, on Friday night and loved it! Hannah was not very happy about him not sleeping with her though and let him have it. Saturday night he ended up camping out with a friend and tried to sneak in the house and upstairs around 7AM thinking Hannah would still be asleep and she wouldn't know but she had already gotten up and was crying that TJ was not there again! He did feel bad about that. She got him on Sunday night though! She was finally a happy camper. Makenna took a day to warm up to TJ but then took to him just great. He enjoyed showing off his newest sister that doesn't drool anymore at graduation parties we went to!
Ryan had a good time in Nicaragua. He was touch by how poor everyone seemed to be. They visited a dump where people live and scavange for food and clothes. He said that was really hard. They performed skits, did vbs, and visited an orphanage afew times. He said the orphanage was hard on him because he kept thinking of his 2 little sisters which he adores, and what they would have been like if we had not adopted them. He has enjoyed playing with the girls again and listening to all the silly talk that comes from Hannah. Like "Guess what?" "What Hannah" "When I was in the bathtub, my butt could make bubbles"
Oh my, what a funny little child!
Sunday we dedicated Makenna to the Lord and promised to raise her in a loving Christian home and bring her up in the way of the Lord. She did great, although right before we were to go forward, she pooped her pants! I didn't take the diaper bag in to church because we were only going to be there for church and thought I was safe so I ran out to the bathroom, took the diaper off her, dumped the dirty deed in the toilet, put the dirty diaper back on her and ran back into church just as they were calling our name!! At least she didn't stink when Pastor Mike picked her up! As we were walking back up the isle she waved her little miss america wave to everyone sitting in church and said Hi! It was too cute!

Sunday afternoon we went to my brother Todd's house for a cookout. The girls had a good time playing with the other kids there. We ate too much there and then headed out for graduation parties!
Monday morning we went to the Memorial Day parade. That lasted a total of 6 minutes if you count from the time you saw them coming down the street!! Hannah wasn't happy that there was no candy thrown! She is used to the huge 4th of July parade where you have to take a bucket because you get so much candy!
Monday afternoon our friends Vicki and Amber, and Ambers boyfriend Tim came up from around Columbus to spend Memorial Day with us. Jim and Vicki have 3 children from China and are who we blame when we have a trying day with the girls! They are the people that introduced us to the plight of the orphans. We had a fun time playing, eating, and getting caught up on life. We went to Dairy Queen on their way out of town and the kids enjoyed thier ice cream....5 little Chinese children under the age of 5 drew lots of attention! Hannah's little boyfriend that lives behind us came over and he was the minority! Too funny. We had a great time.

God Bless

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Kathy said...

Oh, my...Amelia is looking as big, maybe bigger than her older sister and brother!