Sunday, September 21, 2008


I will try to get you caught up on our vacation journey! It is Sunday afternoon around 2 and we are back at the resort and the girls are lying down to take a nap. They have, for the most part, done very well on the trip. OK, I’ll start at the beginning with Friday….

We had fairly uneventful flights, other than both of them being delayed after we were loaded and supposed to keep the girls in their seatbelts, HaHa! Hannah did very well and Makenna did, well, Makenna did it Makenna style! Those of you that know her know that she is only still for 5-10 seconds at a time, well, that did not change just because we were 20,000 feet in the air! Just like the long trip from China home, as long as there was a steady supply of snacks she would sit. We had a couple of times that she had to be in her seatbelt and she screamed and kept unbuckling her belt. It only took a small tap on the leg and she’d comply. She is getting a little better about realizing that what we say is what we mean. By the time we landed in Florida, the girls were tired and exhausted. They had been up for 7 hours and only had granola bars and snacks. We had planned on purchasing them McDonalds for them in Atlanta but since our flight from Akron Canton was delayed 30 minutes and we only had a 45 minute layover, we did not have time. You’d be impressed, we made it with 2 toddlers, 2 carry ons (the girls carried their own carryons), and the strollers through Atlanta airport, on the shuttle, up an elevator, then back down, to get to our next gate in 15 minutes. They were boarding as we made it to the gate. After we got the rental car, we headed to Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Mike’s house and swam for hours in their beautiful pool. Hannah, who is terrified of dogs and they have a German Shepard, was usually calm around Macy. Then they started throwing Macy’s ball in the pool and watching her swim to retrieve it. It was a great time and the highlight was the girls got to roast their first hotdogs on an open fire and follow it up with roasted marshmallows! Makenna had some spots on her before we left and we were unsure of what they were from and while we were swimming, she got some more. She had a very rough night Friday night, running a fever and scratching continually all night long. We got up Saturday morning and had a bowl of cereal and headed out. We drove past a stat care and stopped in to see what was wrong with Makenna. Well, the “doctor” said they were bug bites, even though Hannah has some too and there had been no bugs while swimming. They did give her a Benedryl injection to help with the itching and we were on our way again. We stopped by Walmart and gathered water, juice boxes, snacks, benedryl, cooler etc and we finally made it to our resort around 1:30. We had been told by our car rental company that we could drop the car off at one of 2 locations inside Disney but then found out the closest one was outside of the Disney grounds and they closed at 2 so we’d be charged another day rental……not happy at all about that but we will talk about that later! We headed to Magic Kingdom and the girls were so excited to pull up to the gates. As we walked through the gate there was a band playing and dancing going on. The look on the girls’ faces was priceless! I was choked up and could speak for the first 10 or 15 minutes of being there! Am I a sap or what?! We decided that since we only had a little over an hour before our dinner reservations that we would go find Liberty Inn where we were going to eat dinner. We found it without any problems then just wondered around until it was time to eat . As soon as we got up on the porch to enter the restaurant, the heavens opened up and the rain poured, and poured, and poured. We did not have the extra rain ponchos on the strollers so they got drenched but we were dry! We had the most wonderful meal for supper. It was served family style and they brought a salad and rolls with honey butter for starters. After we were finished with our salad out came the plate of meats, carved beef (the most wonderful beef I can remember having for years and years!), sliced turkey, and pork loin with a pineapple/mustardy tasting glaze on it, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and macaroni and cheese. After our long 2 days with not much in the way of a meal it was so filling and wonderful. To top off the meal, they brought homemade apple cobbler with ice cream! It sure hit the spot! While we were eating this entire time, Minnie mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale all came around to each table to sign autograph books and get your picture taken with them. Well you know brave Makenna and wussy Hannah you can imagine how that all went! WRONG! Makenna was terrified of them and Hannah went right up to them and hugged them and had the time of her life! Makenna had to hang on to Scott when they came around the table and she’d be screaming in fear but still waving bye bye to them. She even blew them kisses through her tears! It was the funniest thing to watch. By the end of dinner, she still didn’t really want much to do with them but would at least give them high fives. When Goofy was at our table, Dale was at the table next to ours and Goofy pulled Dale’s tail then blamed Hannah! It was too funny to watch Hannah talk her way out of that. Hannah had found 2 acorn type tops on the ground outside and insisted on taking them in the restaurant for Chip and Dale for them to eat so when she gave her top to them, they gave her the biggest hug! As we were out walking around later on, the bear jamboree bears were singing and dancing and invited kids to join in. Hannah ran right out and danced and did the hokey pokey with them and had a blast. She has been so fun to watch her blossom on this trip. We came back to the room and gave the girls a bath and they were out! They slept so well last night and woke up excited for their new day! I’ll post more about our day today a little later. We are going to upload our pictures onto the Disney site then we will post some here soon! Wish you all were here with us!

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Sure sounds like a lot of fun! Wish we could be there. Keep having fun.