Thursday, September 11, 2008

family update

Just time for a quick update on the Ferrell family! We have been quite busy around here lately! I guess one of the biggest milestones is that Makenna Grace is beginning to speak!! She attempts to say new words daily and is so very proud of herself. She has proven herself to be a true daddy's girl, crying for him at night and whenever mom puts her in timeout or gives her a swat on the behind! We have started bedtime bootcamp here trying to break the cycle of her waking up every night at 3am and wanting to come to bed with us. So for 3 nights in a row, mean mommy goes upstairs and will lay on the foot of her bed and calm her down. She gets VERY upset that I refuse to take her downstairs and screams for DaDa and then Ryan to save her from this horrible mom! She kicks, screams, and actually will turn circles in the bed as she pitches her fit! Hannah, laying beside her usually sleeps through the whole thing! The shocker is when Hannah used to sleep in our room, if we were sneaking out of the room after she was asleep and the floor would squeak, she'd wake up and she can sleep through Makenna's 20 - 30 minute fit 3 foot from her head!!
Hannah gets to go meet her teacher tonight at preschool! She is very excited but also reserved. Not too sure she will love it as much as mom thinks she will!
Ryan is working nights at Walmart doing remodeling which means he is sleeping during the day. I try to keep the girls quiet so he can rest. Poor guy is pretty pooped! He also starts a new job tonight at Best Buy and then will go to Walmart right after and work until 7ish tomorrow morning!
TJ is trying to get recruiter assistant and come home for a few weeks. It looks like it will be postponed until October.
Scott and I are swamped between the photography business, my uppercase living, and wrangeling 2 toddlers. I have been working at our county fair this week at a booth for uppercase living trying to get some leads, so hopefully that picks up soon too.
Hannah had "professional" pictures taken by a very nice lady here in our town. She has posted a few on her blog at Makenna is a few posts back.
That's about it. I have the girls at the sitter so I can clean my house today. Hard to keep them in the family room where they are quiet for Ryan to sleep and clean the rest of the house! Figure one day at the sitter is cheaper than a maid!!

On a serious note, please keep my friend in prayer as she is in China and just received her baby. They are having some difficult issues and covet your prayers.

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