Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where had the week gone?!

Oh where has the week gone?! I had such high hopes of journaling every night about our day’s activities but here it is Wednesday afternoon and I have not journaled since Saturday night! I hope I remember it all. To put our experiences in a sentence it would go something like, Hannah loves pretty much everything and Makenna is afraid of everything! How ironic is it that, the Makster, that usually has no fear is afraid of every character that we have seen and Hannah the quiet one (I mean quiet in the sense of being outgoing and doing things not talking!) has had a blast getting involved in every dance and character that comes along! The only exception to that rule is Pocahontas…Makenna sat on her lap for a picture, but only after she talked to her for a while. We are having a great time and the girls are also doing very well. We have had a character meal every day and Hannah has loved it. On Tuesday we had breakfast with the princesses. Belle greeted us in her beautiful yellow dress and there was a photographer there to take your daughters picture with her. Of course Makenna would have no part in that but Hannah loved it. She kept talking about how beautiful Belle was after we got to our table. Then one by one we had princesses come by our table to pictures and autographs. The really nice thing about the princesses and not characters is that they can talk. The characters cannot speak to the kids. Hannah wore her Sleeping Beauty dress and Makenna refused to wear her Cinderella so she wore her tinkerbell outfit! When sleeping Beauty came to our table and saw that Hannah had on her dress, she said, “Oh my little sister is here!” Hannah thought that was wonderful! We then had Jasmine come to our table. Hannah has yet to see Aladdin but Scott sure has and he was so hoping that she would be one of the princesses that would come to our table! When we visited Disney when the boys were in grade school, Scott got to see the real live Jasmine and has been a fan ever since! He did manage to snap a couple of pictures of she and Hannah….for Hannah of course! Mary Poppins was next to come out and then was Mulan! Hannah said Ni Hao (hello in Chinese) to Mulan and Mulan got so excited that she knew some Chinese. She came and spent extra time with us at our table. She also gave Hannah a kiss on the cheek with her red lipstick and left a mark. Hannah was so excited that she refused to wash it off all day. We only did a few things at Epcot that day. The girls were tired so we headed for home and to swim for a bit before going to bed early. We had breakfast reservations for 8:05 the next morning so my plan was to not have them nap. That worked fairly well but it was hard getting them up so early. I had read to have an early breakfast at Animal Kingdom’s Tusker House and then hit the safari ASAP because the animals would still be up eating their breakfast and you would see more of them. Well, it just so happened to be a little cooler that morning and the animals were up and about! We saw 3 giraffes running around the plains, I mean actually running! It was the most awkward looking run I have ever seen…Priceless. The lion was also out as well as hipps, rhino’s, and many more. This morning we had breakfast with Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, and Pooh. It was great fun and had a great spread of food! The girls have not eaten much since we have been here but I am hoping they are just too excited to eat. Tomorrow we have our last character meal. It is called breakfast with Chef Mickey. It is in the Contemporary hotel and supposed to be wonderful. They all have been great though. The characters know to stay away from Makenna but they also will offer her a high five to get her involved a little bit. The staff here has been wonderful. When they see the girls they usually greet, “Good Morning Princess”. Well, that is about all for today. It is now after 9:30 Wednesday night and Scott is waiting on our clothes to dry at the laundry mat and I am headed to bed! The girls are fast asleep and I am hoping they sleep all night. Hannah has done very well but Makenna has been waking up quite a few times per night. I am going to sleep with Makenna tonight just so see if I can get hr back to sleep right away instead of her fussing for a while. I will try to post pics soon of Sunday – Wednesday goingsons!
Talk to you all soon!

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Gary said...

1.Love the Tigger photo with Hanna
2. I think I want to explore more the topic of Scott and Jasmine. That could be an interesting conversation. Is that his movie star crush?
3. I can't wait to go to Disney now. How fun