Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our famous family!

Well, I have so much to post but this will be short and sweet! In recognition of Father's Day, Scott was asked if the newspaper could feature him for todays issue. They wanted to tell his story of how we were inches away from empty nest and freedom and how we ended up with 2 beautiful little active girls from China! We were thrilled to have the opportunity to share our testimony about our adoptions but unfortunately they did not meantion God in the article! We were disappointed especially since Scott gave them a copy of an article he had written entitled "The Relunctant Father" which told his spiritual struggle with his selfish side of wanting to be finished with raising kids and knowing God wanted him to start again. We pray that even though God was not in our story in the paper, He will still be honored and maybe another precious child will find a forever home because of it. Here is the story and picture! BTW, It was amazing how many people saw this before church! We had people we didn't know come up to us at church to talk about adoption. We also had a family see us in Dairy Queen that had seen the picture and article that talked to us! Gotta love small towns!

PS, I have much to post on our past week and also the rest of our vacation. I will do that soon I Promise!

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