Tuesday, June 17, 2008

vacation pics and prayer request

OK, so 2 weeks later, here are the rest of the vacation pictures!! We have been so busy since we got home! Scott finally got the pictures converted from RAW files to jpeg so I could do something with them. We leave for Shriners this afternoon for Makenna's followup appt tomorrow. She will see the plastic surgeon, ENT, audiologist, and not sure who else again.
We will come straight home. My uncle is in his last days with cancer. I doubt that he will be here on this earth by the time we get home and honestly I hope he isn't. It is painful to watch someone as active as he was to be so bed ridden. We lost my mom three years ago next month, her younger brother a year ago this month, and now her older brother. They are all had melanomia. My mom's was laryngeal melanomia, she was only 1 of about 50 in the world to have this rare type. Her younger brother had melanomia in his eyeball which is also not very common. Her older brother had spots on his back and shoulder removed but it had spread by the time they found it. The doctors said that he should have died 6 months ago because of the large size of his tumors but he has an incredible will to live. He was hoping to live until his 75th birthday which is July 18. I think they are throwing him an early birthday party. I told him after living 74 and 11/12's he could celebrate a couple weeks early! I went to see him yesterday and spend a little time with him. It was hard leaving knowing I won't see him again until heaven probably. Please keep my family in prayer and especially his family as they walk through this diffiult time. My aunt just lost her mother in March and now her husband.
Thank you for your prayers.
God Bless

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