Friday, June 6, 2008

Our vacation so far

Here it goes. For some reason when I powered up the laptop this morning, everything was in jibberish. When I type in a website to go to, it is all symbols but when I get there it is fine. When I put a title to this post, it is in all symbols but the blog is OK. Scott is sleeping so I'll ask him when he wakes up. Anyway, about our trip...
The ride down here was LONG. It was enough to take some of the cheapness out of me and I am checking on flying to Disney in Sept! We only made it an hour or so and stopped to eat, hoping the girls would then drift off to sleep and sleep the whole way. What was I smoking?! The girls fussed then played then fussed until around 9:30 or so. When Scott stopped to get something to drink at 1AM they both woke up again. Hannah could not go back to sleep and was awake until 4:30. She kept saying she was too excited to see her big brother to sleep. I even did the unthinkable and got her out of her carseat and made a bed on the floor between the captian chairs for her to sleep go. At 4:30 I finally put her back in her seat and told her she didn't have to sleep but she had to close her eyes and just rest. That was enough to knock her out like a light until we were pulling in the parking lot of the condo.
We got in a little after 7 on Wednesday morning. We were all pretty tired. The girls were excited to be here and grandma fixed them breakfast. We got swimsuits on and headed to the pool by 9 AM! I was surprised that neither one of the girls took to the water like I thought they would. They were both afraid of the water at first. The water was pretty chilly but even in the hot tub where it was warm like bath water they were not big fans. Makenna did better if her feet could touch so she ran circles on the seat in the hot tub! Hannah sat on the edge alot and put her feet in and splashed. By 10:30 it was getting hot and we headed back up to the room for lunch and naps. The girls went right down for a nap and I was exhausted but didn't want to spend my vacation inside so I headed back out to the pool. I had this plan of how not to get burnt but in the end it didn't work. I took 30 SPF and applied it to my body but when I rolled over on my stomach, I didn't reapply to the back of my legs and back and boy did I pay the price. I was only out for an hour or so but I am as red as a lobster on my back side. So stinking mad at myself for that. I was determined to come down here, enjoy the sun without a sunburn! I have not been in the sun or a tanning bed since my mom was diagnosed with skin cancer and passed away almost 3 years ago. I am very aware of the dangers of sunburns and preach to my boys all the time about applying sunscreen. Oh well, not much to do now but stay covered up outside! TJ stopped over when he got off work and we headed to a beach. We loaded up 101 sand toys and buckets, towels, beach chairs, sunscreen, and took off. The girls liked the sand when we got there but they were not sure about the waves coming up and covering their feet! Hannah wanted nothing to do with it and Makenna didn't care for it either. Now, Makenna is the type of kid that in a bathtub, she is on her tummy, putting her face in the water and "swimming". Scott ended up sitting down in the sand with her and they probably sat the for at least an hour for her to get used to it. After a while, she warmed up a little to the beach fun. What was so funny is she refused to walk on the beach and didn't want to put her knees down to crawl in it so she did the crab walk wherever she wanted to go! Hannah had fun playing in the sand with her favorite person in the whole wide world..TJ. By the end of the day, we had sea gulls eating out of our hands. The girls thought that was pretty funny. We returned to the condo and ate dinner and put the girls and us to bed by 9. We were all 4 out like a light and the girls slept all night long. Hannah woke me up around 8 and she and I got up and Makenna and Scott slept until after 9.
Thursday morning Scott, Anna, Hannah, and I got up and headed to TJ's base to meet him during his lunch time. He showed us all around his base but wouldn't allow us in his room! Not sure why, it has to be kept clean all the time. Said something about not informing his room mate that we were coming...who knows! Hannah was upset that TJ didn't let her see his room! There is a big air show at the base this weekend and the blue angels were practicing while we were there. That was interesting to watch them. When TJ went back to work, we went to the PX and went shopping. Anna had her military ID since her dad is in the airforce so we had a fun time. I was in charge of cooking supper Thursday night so we had a mexican fiesta!
The girls have done pretty well so far. They do get bored with no toys to play with. Makenna has started really caring about her soon as she pees or poops she wants it off. I think we are ready to potty train! 2 times down here, she has reached in her diaper and pulled out a little something somthing if you get my drift. She has had little marble poopies since surgery and she finds them interesting! Oh my, the horror on everyones face when she does this. Yesterday I changed her and a few minutes later she grabbed her nose to let me know she was stinky. I checked her and she was fine but about 5 minutes later, she had pooped in her diaper.
Well, that should catch you up on our vacation up to Friday morning. I think we are headed to the beach this morning. I promised Hannah I'd take her and a bucket to gather shells!

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