Monday, June 2, 2008

What a weekend!

Well, he did it! Ryan graduated!

We had a very nice time with friends and family this weekend. We had Scott's parents, sisters and their famlies come over from Indiana and stay with us. It is fun to get everyone together. The girls enjoy their cousins and it is fun to watch them together. Scott took pictures Sunday morning and when you look at the cousins picture there are alot of them but there are 5 missing! Ryan is the only white kid in the bunch....pretty funny for him to be a minority in his family!

We had a nice turn out for Ryan's graduation party. It is terrible that we only see friends that live within 10 minutes on special occasions like this! We are all just so busy though. We came home after his party and we were exhausted. Jontel, Scott's nephew, is going to be a senior year and Scott offered to shoot his senior pictures. We did the indoor pictures Saturday night in the living room and Scott did outside pictures Sunday morning before they left to go home. He is a pretty photogenic kid so they turned out pretty nice. Jontel has an amazing gift when it ocmes to sports, especially track and football, but he didn't want pictures with his uniforms and trophies he wanted pictures taken with the American flag and a bible. He has set his lifetime goal of going into politics and someday becoming president of the United States! If any kid can do it, he can. He is just one of those kids you meet and just like right off the bat. I posted more of his pictures on Scott's website, .

I wanted to post the video of Ryan's life that we did but it is 10 minutes long and I can't find a place to upload a video that long to post here. If anyone knows of a program or how I can do that please let me know.

On a final last funny note, Scott got the girls ready for bed last night because I was sewing them a couple of little dresses to take on vacation. This morning Hannah woke up at 6:30 crying so I got up and went to check on her. Scott had forgot to put a diaper on her and she had peed her bed and she was upset. She was freezing and she said "mommy, my teeth won't stop moving"! It was just too cute. She came down and snuggled in bed with me to warm up. Makenna also woke up during the commotion and she was a bear so after she hate her breakfast (and hannah's) I put her back to bed and she is asleep again! She has speech today and I am anxious to show off her new words, if she will cooperate!

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Kathy said...

What's next for Ryan?

Great pic of the cousins. There are 19 on the Alexanders side and the minority are Caucasian!