Monday, October 15, 2007

Hannah in the park

Daddy decided to be really nice this afternoon to mommy and take Hannah to the park to play. It was a beautiful fall day here and he was working with his new camara lens so it was a win win for everyone! He got to practice with his new lense, got to spend wonderful time with Hannah, and I got lots of great pictures! Not to sure what happened to that one piggy tail....kinda smushed and funky looking but she had a great time! She brought home a whole big bag of nuts that she and daddy collected. We are going to color a picture of a tree later and glue them on. Scott said they sat under a pavillion for at least 20 minutes watching the squirrels gather nuts and play in the leaves. He said that when they were coming home, Hannah was talking about her foster parents and mentioned they had a son! One report we had gotten said they had a son but we had never talked about it. He asked her if they had a sister for her too and she said no, only a son. Comparing to her big brothers or the little boy in 4 grade that I watch after school, she said he was more like the 4th grader in size. I am thinking I may contact the orphanage to see if there is a picture of the foster family and their son that we can add to her scrapbook. Since she does seem to remember him, I feel like this needs added to her lifebook!
She is an angel 90% of the time! Can't imagine life without her for sure!

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