Sunday, October 7, 2007

Welcome to our family!

Welcome to our family. I have wanted to create a blog for our family for quite a while now. We have had a blog for our daughters that we have adopted from China but we really needed a family blog so we can talk about our whole family! I think it will be easier to keep up with one blog than 2 or 3! I will try to blog every couple of days and include lots of pictures and also video of our family. We have 2 wonderful sons, and one daughter from China. We are planning on traveling to China next month to complete our second adoption so between now and then I have about 10,000 things to get done. I cannot promise that I will keep this one up too often before we get back! We would appreciate your prayers as we make this long journey to bring our daughter home. I have read so many blogs and admire how people share their lives online. I also wanted an easier way for our family and friends from out of town keep up with our children. Children are a gift from God and they grow so fast!

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