Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just another day...

Not to much happening here with us. We (Tina) has been busy getting stuff together for the trip. I went though Makenna's suitcase yesterday and repacked stuff. Took some clothes out, added a couple of other things. I am afraid she is going to be bigger than Hannah so I have taken pretty much all the 12 month stuff out. Hannah helped me gather up some small toys that we can take to Makenna. I had to promise to bring them back home though! She was especially nervous about me taking the stacking cups.
Last night I went Christmas shopping with my sister in law. I was wanting to have the girls' Christmas done by last night. Well, my sister in law did pretty well but of course I couldn't decide on what to get and then they didn't have a couple of things I really wanted. I did get Tyler Michael (my beautiful nephew) finished up today. I am looking for a life like baby doll for Hannah. One that is soft, that she can change her clothes, but doesn't poop or pee! It is hard finding one that looks even similar to her. I found a couple on Ebay last night, 60 bucks, but adorable. We'll see. Scott wants to just look in China for one. Most of what I saw there was blonde hair, blue eyes! They did have some smaller Chinese dolls but I was wanting something bigger. She keeps tryingn to put clothes on these little hard dolls and struggles then mommy has to do it!
I know why you have children when you are younger. Today at Walmart, I had to plan on parking near a cart return so I could push a cart over to the van, put Tyler Michael in his carseat in the "bucket" of the cart and Hannah in the kid seat. Diaper bag went under the cart by Hannah's feet. Then the shopping, of course she wants everything and in the middle of the toy isle, Tyler decided he was starving! His carseat takes up the whole cart so I had things packed in around him so I just took his bottle out and propped it up with a blanket and all was happy. Of course since I wasn't holding him and able to burp him right away when I did pick him up I paid for that one! He just smiled like always. Sometimes I think his daddy (my brother) tells him to do things to me! I'll post a couple pictures of this angel boy. It has been so much fun watching him. Hannah just adores him. It is "HER Tyler Michael. If anyone even looks at him, she gets upset. There are times his mommy comes to get him and Hannah cried for her not to take him. I guess we told her SHE was getting a new cousin, then we had the nerve for him to live at Uncle Todd and Aunt Kayla's house!! I told Scott, if I tell you are are getting a new car, you expect that you are getting a new car, to use as you want and parked in your driveway. Well Hannah can't understand why if Tyler is HER cousin, why he can't just stay here! I enjoy my sleep too much to keep Tyler here at night too!
Well, I will end with a couple pictures of Tyler Michael. This is a little video of the life of Tyler Michael, Hannah's cousin!! I am quite confident that she will NOT share him with Makenna!!


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