Friday, October 19, 2007

Makenna, here we come

We finally got word yesterday that China has given us permission to come get Makenna! We will leave on November 15 and get home the 27 or 28. We will meet her for the first time on November 18! We are very excited to bring her home. Please pray for our family as Hannah will be staying home with grandma and grandpa. She is happy they are coming but I know she doesn't understand that this will not be your standard weekend visit!
On another note, Hannah has been batteling a cold all week. It started out Monday with sneezes and projectile snot flinging! She got to the point that when she'd sneeze, she'd hold her hand out to catch it! Pretty gross! Anyway, it has turned into a cough now also. She doesn't let something like a cold keep her down! She is on the go nonstop.
I'd ask that you keep my friends Brian and Elisa in your prayers. Elisa is in China now adopting their little girl from China and just found out that Brian's brother Bill lost his battle with cancer last night. They knew it was a possiblity that is why Brian stayed home but she is having a hard time being a half a world away and not be able to grieve with her family. She will miss the funeral, as it is the weekend and the adoption cannot be speeded up at this point.
Thank you in advance for prayers on their behalf as well as our family as we pack to head to China.

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