Saturday, October 13, 2007

Our wonderful dinner tonight

Well, I had to post and let everyone know about our supper tonight. I worked from 5:30 this morning until 4:15 tonight and came home rested for an hour then headed to the mall for some early Christmas shopping. We shopped, didn't buy much...too many decisions for someone codependant like me to make. We finally stopped for supper around 9:00 and I let Scott pick where to eat and he chose Chili's. We all really like the food there so I was more than happy to go along. I love their Chicken Club Tacos and Hannah loves their corn on the cob! Well Scotts supper came out cold and the kitchen made him new potatoes and corn on the cob and when that came, the corn was still very cold! Needless to say, the manager was at our table twice, our waiter was very upset with the kitchen, and Scott ended up getting his supper for free! Well, our poor waiter was trying to make small talk with us because of the mess up and he told Scott, "I would be upset if I came here with my daughter and was served a cold supper". As he said this he was looking right at me!!! When the waiter left, Scott gave me the look and said that the waiter thought I was Scotts daughter! The funny thing was, Scott was teasing me before we ordered to order a daquari and see if I got carded but I just laughed it off and got a diet pepsi like always. I got up later to take Hannah to the bathroom and Scott did something he never does....he corrected the waiter! He told the waiter that I was not his daughter that I was in fact his wife but that I was only 25 (I'm over 40 and under 45)! He told the waiter he gets this all the time and he just expects it now since he is twice my age!! The waiter of course felt awful but Scott said they all had a good laugh over it!
If I thought for a minute that I only looked 25, I'd use that to my advantage! I read a funny the other day with a suggestion that the fatter you are the less wrinkles you fill out your skin!! Maybe that is the case!
I'll post a family picture that we had taken last fall. We did pictures with Scott's sisters for his parents for Christmas. They all turned out great and John and Margaret were very surprised!

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