Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Fun Fall Day!

Well, today it was a nice, sunny, and brisk day here in Northeast Ohio. Scott decided to rake leaves in the back yard so of course Hannah had to go outside. She loves to be outside. I saw her out playing in the leaves and ran to get the camara! Now Scott has this fancy schmancy camara and I don't know how to change the settings so the first half of pictures I took came out too blurry because the shutter speed was way to slow. He came to fix it and the rest of them came out pretty good. He says he is going to give me a Camara 101 class. I hope my brain can comprehend what he teaches me! My brain is not the sponge it used to be!!
Anyway, we are getting ready to head to Dairy Queen for our Sunday evening ritual. We have been meeting our friends Scott and Trish at DQ for over 2 years almost every Sunday night. We have "our" table that we grab and if someone is in "our" table, it throws us all off! Kinda like going to church and you have "your" pew and you go to sit down and a visitor has sat there!!
Enjoy the pictures!

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