Tuesday, March 18, 2008

another day in the life...

Well, this morning I took Makenna to the doctor so he could clear her for surgery. The appt went well and he wrote the letter stating that she was a healthy girl. Now, if we can just Shriners to call us tomorrow morning again! I had put new outfits on the girls, something we rarely have since I do so much consignment shopping. After we got out to the van I stood Makenna down so I could open the van door and she proceeded to fall in the nastiest black puddle of yuck! Her pretty light pink easter pants with a big black blob from the knee down. AARRGG! I took a wipie and got as much off as I could then proceeded to Walmart. Since I didn't have Tyler today, I wanted to make the most of my "free" day and do some shopping in Wooster. I got the best parking space at Walmart, the very first on and I was so excited. It was windy and drizzeling rain so the short walk was going to be nice. I turned around to unbuckle Hannah. Usually I just unbuckle her before I get out of the van then she walks over to Makennas side to get out and it works out fine. Well, after I unbuckled her she began to cry that she wanted to go home. She actually begged and pleaded to go home. She was running a low grade temp and had the sniffles but didn't think it was that big of a deal. Well, something told me not to fight it so I backed out of the perfect spot and drove home. We got about 6 minutes into our 25 minute trip when I hear that awful sound. Yes, she hurled, looked like a water fountain. Luckily her coat was situated as such that there was a gap and it all went between the coat and her, which is gross but at least nothing to clean up on the floor or back of the seat! I am thankful for the small things in life! I didn't dare take her coat off to clean her up she would have frozen so I drove as fast as leagally possible and got her home. I took her in and staight to the bathroom and ran a tub of water and stripped her down and she got in the tub. She looked horrible poor baby. She got and just wanted her jammies on and go lay in my bed so that is what we did. I took a big bowl and gave to her in case she got sick again. She kept saying she was hungry now but I only let her eat small pieces of cracker. She finally fell asleep and slept for a couple of hours. I didn't take her temp but I am sure it was close to 102, she was very hot. Now this evening she has had a popcicle, 1 1/2 cups of sprite, a bowl of chicken noodle soup, and some fishy crackers. Her fever has broke and she is back to her talkitive self! She was wanting tacos for supper but I said NO WAY! Her new outfit that she wore today is in the washer, I am hoping all the yucks have come out in the wash! I am hoping she learned what the feeling is right before she pukes so we don't have any more surprises!
So it boils down to this, Makenna is cleared for surgery but is now exposed to the 24 hour flu! It may be 2010 before her surgery is complete!

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