Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bad news........I think

Well, Miss Makenna woke up this morning to bad coughing and she has been running a temp all day today. I am sure that with a fever this close to surgery they will not go through with it. Although I really want the surgery done and overwith, I don't want complications because of her being sick either. We just ask you to pray for her. I know without a doubt that God can heal her for surgery this week. I was upset about it this morning then thought of the extra month we had to wait to travel and get Makenna. I am not sure why we had to wait, we were ready to go but maybe she wasn't. I know God has all things under His control and I have to trust in that. She has only left the house a handful of times since January and we have done all we can to keep her healthy. We did go to my cousins wedding reception last night. My uncle, her dad, is suffering from cancer and has been told he has a short time here on this earth left. I felt it was necessary to take her so he could meet her. Scott and Makenna didn't stay long maybe an hour and a half but she started coughing last night even. I guess if she was going to get sick from going outside, then she would have come down with something on the way to Chicago.
I will keep you posted on what is decided. I am going to call Shriners in the morning and talk to them. Makenna has a doc appt at 2 tomorrow that was set up last week so Dr Burke could check her over and call Shriners with a report. I will post last tomorrow on what was decided.
God Bless

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