Wednesday, March 26, 2008

no early surgery... TJ is home!

We got a call from Shriners again Monday to come for surgery this week then the scheduler said, Oh wait, there is a note from our peditrician saying she has to wait 6 weeks from her clearance of RSV! Well, it worked out ok anyway because she has been really sick since Saturday night. Running high fevers not eating or drinking. She has been clear of fevers for about 18 hours now so hopefully the worst is over. So our May 15 date is concrete now.

On another note, TJ is home!! We are so happy to have him home! When he pulled up last night I said, Hannah look who just pulled up. She was sitting at the table eating some jello and jumped out of her chair yelling, "my big brother is home, my big brother is home!" She ran out the front door in her bare feet and yelled for TJ to hurry and get her! It was too cute. She has missed her big brother so much. She stayed up until he went to bed, after midnight, and slept with her big brother. She got up this morning so excited to see him still there!
I am posting a couple pictures of TJ and his graduation last thursday. We are very proud of him!

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The Ski's said...

Wow...what grat news to have "big brother" home!!! Congrats! Sorry about the sickness. Ellie had a temp over the weekend, too...and didn't eat well. Must be some bug going around. Now, she seems back to her old self. May 15....ok! We will be right behind you on May 27 unless plastics says something different on Friday. It will be here sooner than we think!!! We are going to be starting solids soon...any advice??? I am scared! Hopefully, it will go better than I plan on it going. Hope to meet up with you soon!