Friday, March 14, 2008

Out of the mouths of smart 3 year olds...

Oh my....
Tonight we put the girls to bed and came back downstairs to wait for them to fall asleep. We have the monitor on so we can hear if Makenna gets out of bed or if they need something. Makenna had decided that she was NOT ready for bed and layed in her bed and kept yelling "Ma, Ma" and then would fuss for a minute or two! After about 15minutes or so I heard Hannah yelling at Makenna. She said, and I quote, "SHUT UP! Makenna Grace, Shut your mouth!" To my knowledge we have never told Hannah to shut up. We don't usually use those words so I have no idea where she got them from. After she would yell at Makenna, Makenna would grunt her dis-approval back to her. It was funny to listen to!
These girls have so many funny moments. I need to be better at coming right here and posting so we don't forget them. There will be so many memories we will have with the girls because of their blogs. I forget so much about the boys when they were this age, didn't take the time to write things down.....very sad. I love the kids at this age, they really are alot of fun!
Makenna has really been giving the kisses this week. She will give usually 5 or 6 kisses in a row. Of course, she has to wipe her mouth off after each kiss because she sees us wipe her slobber off our face! I keep telling her that we are not the ones that slobber and she just laughs at us. She is becoming even more of a lovey baby. She loves to be cuddled and rocked. She usually wakes up at least once in the middle of the night and call for me and I will go up and pick her up and hold her and sing one verse of Jesus loves me to her and she will go right back to sleep. I tried just patting her and that didn't work, she wants a quick snuggle! I then lay her back down in her big girl bed and she is out for the rest of the night! It is almost like a test to see if I will come to her aid.
Hannah is doing so well with potty training. We have not worn a pull up out for at least 2 weeks now. We still wear one at night and during nap. She is a big drinker so she always has to pee! Seldom does she wake up dry at either time. She has decided to begin sleeping in her and Makenna's room again. I re-arranged it and put Makenna in her big girl bed so I don't know if that has anything to do with the change or not. She has been doing well at night too. I don't know if I posted or not, but we ended up giving her plug back to her. It was taking 2-3 hours to get her settled down and get to sleep. She never asked for her plug but one day I asked her if she wanted it back. She said yes and we have not had much of a problem since! The rule is, when she wakes up in the morning and nap she has to put it in the drawer in the bedside table. She does fairly well with that rule. Every now and then she will come downstairs with it and I'll tell her to go back to bed. Sometimes she does for 15-20 minutes then comes down happy for her day to start with no plug! Hannah still has alot of abandonment issues I think. She is always quick to question if she will be by herself. She will ask why I rock her at night sometimes, she'll say," Do you rock me because you love me?" She is really working on the trust thing with us and trying to figure out why we do things for her. It is really sad to think of all the heartache this baby has been through in her short life. We tell her every day that she gets to stay with us forever and we will always take care of her. She never has to move to another family. She has also been asking questions about her growing in my tummy. I told her that she grew in my heart, I loved her before we ever met her. Being the smart little girl she is, she wanted to know who's tummy she grew in. I told her that there was a lady in China that gave birth to her but she couldn't take care of her and took her somewhere safe where the police man could find her and help her. I told her that God had told mommy and daddy that there was a baby girl in China that needed them and so we got on a plane and flew to China to get her. Out of the blue a week or so ago while she was laying in her "first" room we painted for her, she asked if Scott and i talked about her while we were painting her room! She said, "Did you and daddy say 'I wonder what Hannah Mei is doing in China' when you were painting my room?" I do not know how on earth she comes up with the things she says! Since she sees Makenna likes to be rocked, she doesn't want to miss out and I have had lots of time rocking Hannah as well. Hannah would allow you to hold her but usually she preferred to face out most of the time. She would face you for shorter periods of time but lately she has wanted me to hold her close and rock her and snuggle her. I think she is really beginning to trust us.
We are so thankful for the girls. There are moments when we question why God had us start all over but for the most part, we are thrilled with our lives. Scott was laying in bed on the laptop the other night and wanted to look at the special needs kids on our agency's list! He said we are NOT adopting again, just wanted to look. We did find a couple that were awfully cute! We talked about how do you know when to stop, there are so many children that need homes. Could we love one more, sure. Do we have the patience to raise one more, sometimes! Financially it would be so very tight is it fair to Hannah and Makenna? We just continue to pray for the orphans of the world. If every church in the United States would adopt just bring just a couple of orphans home there would be very few orphans in the world left! Could you imagine, following God's word and taking in the orphans to the point of no more left?! I can't imagine how it must break God's heart to see these little children laying in an orphanage, hungry for food and for love and attention. And how His heart must break with the teenage orphans that don't fit in and have never been loved.
We are so grateful that we were obedient and stepped out of the boat to a different life path! Adoption may not be for you but NEVER let finances stop you. We have adopted 2 beautiful girls only by God's provision. We had to save up for the 200 application fee and here we are 3 years later with 2 girls! God is good, and He does have a sense of humor!
Well, better get on with my day. The girls were taking a bath as I typed this and Hannah yelled that Makenna just pooped in the tub... again...... What a blessed life I have!

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The Ski's said...

I love it! Ellie and your girls will hit it off great. Ellie says the funniest things as well...and I, like you, am grateful to be writing them all down to remember all of this one day! We have been tested this week and are all just exhausted from double ear infections with Reid. Maybe he will get them out of the way before surgery time...that would be nice! Hope everyone there is happy and healthy. Do take care..and whenver Spring decides to make it to Ohio...let's have a play date! Much love!