Thursday, March 20, 2008

Coloring eggs....

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I thought I'd post the pictures from our day today. The girls looked so cute today I HAD to take some pictures this morning! Scott had the camara on some funky setting so they are kind of blurry but still adorable! Then this afternoon they were sharing a snack pack of pretzels and cheese. It was so cute to see Hannah sharing and them both dipping their fingers in the cheese! About 4:30 Scott got home and the girls wanted to go outside to greet him so I let them since the sun was at least out. We came back in the house and Hannah is fussing and brings me a tissue and tells me she has a very big booger in her nose (sorry for being graphic....) I wipe her nose which sends her into a tizzy crying huge tears and saying it hurts. I am not sure what is going on when she lays down the contents of her hand on the table....uncooked elbow macaroni....yes, she stuck one up her nose! Oh my! My only thought is how are we going to get that out! I couldn't even see it. I am the paramedic and trained to handle trauma and stressful situations and I just stood there trying to decide what to do when Scott says, plug her other nostril and have her blow! Well, thank the Lord it worked and out came the macaroni! What an object lessen we had with that! How boring would our lives be if we had not started over?!?!?!?! I can only dream....
Enjoy the pics!!

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