Monday, March 3, 2008

No surgery for Makenna

Well, I called Shriners this morning to explain to them what has been going on with Makenna this weekend. She said based on how she was yesterday that they would not want her to have surgery this week. Last night Makenna was in bed with SCott and I and with only a diaper and not covered up she had a temp of 104. She was wheezing and even some grunting. I gave her another albuterol at 3 and more motrin and she slept until 8ish this morning. I say she slept till then, she awoke crying almost every hour on the hour all night long. When the nurse at Shriners transfered me down to the surgery appt desk, the lady said that the ONLY opening she had before JULY was May 15!!! I hate that we have to put it off for 2 more months. We are still on a call list if someone else cancells but that means 2 more months of staying home with her to try to keep her healthy. We are going to check into getting tubes put in here instead of making her wait for 2 more months to finally hear. We have an appointment with her doctor today at 2 to find out what is going on with her. My guess is possible RSV. I'll keep you updated!

OK, well is it 12 hours later and just thought I'd post that makenna has pneumonia. We are treating her at home for now and praying she gets feeling better very soon.

Please pray for friends of ours Mark and Vicki. We traveled to China with them for our first adoption and became instant friends and have kept in contact since. Vicki called tonight to tell me that Mark passed away on Saturday night. He leaves behind a wonderful wife and 6 daughters. I know they would appreciate your prayers. He was a wonderful Christian man and I know he is rejoicing in heaven right now.

Thanks for the prayers

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I hope Makenna is feeling better!

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